Unveiling Design Philosophy: A Conversation with Ar. Jinal Patel, CO-Founder & Principal Architect at Arc Projection

Exploring Architectural Perspectives: A Captivating Dialogue between Ankit Kumar, Editor at Archidust, and Ar. Jinal Patel, Co-Founder & Principal Architect at Arc Projection

This engaging dialogue delves deep into the intricacies of architecture, uncovering the philosophies, inspirations, and design principles that have shaped Ar. Jinal Patel’s remarkable career. Discover the creative process behind iconic structures, the fusion of functionality and aesthetics, and the transformative power of architecture in shaping our surroundings. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of design, she discuss the role of architecture in shaping our environment and its impact on communities.

Q. What are the things that inspire you to become an architect?
I am a creative person, and I enjoy creating things from scratch. During my school years, I developed a keen interest in these types of activities. Consequently, I made the decision to pursue a career in architecture, and I successfully completed my architecture degree from S.V.I.T Vasad, Gujarat. Becoming an architect has always been my passion……

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