Introducing the Galileo Collection by Sans Souci: Light Inspired by the Universe

Sans Souci, leading designer and producer of glass and lighting installations introduces the innovative Galileo collection that captures the profound beauty and depth of the universe through the interplay of light and darkness.

Inspired by the symbiotic relationship between the sun and the moon, the Galileo Collection reflects their dynamic interplay of light and shadow, creating an environment rich with reflections and mystery. This homage to celestial bodies highlights the infinite beauty of the universe, bringing a sense of wonder and depth into any space. The Galileo Collection is available in a range of sizes to suit diverse interior needs, including large, large reversed, small, and small reversed. Each configuration ensures that the Galileo Collection can enhance various settings, from grand living spaces to intimate corners, providing a captivating focal point that echoes the grandeur of the cosmos.

image courtesy Sans Souci

With its exquisite design and superior finish, the Galileo Collection is more than just lighting; it is a statement piece that brings the universe’s majesty into everyday life. This expertly crafted collection features a radiant glass orb that emits pure light, elegantly positioned in various configurations. Each piece is completed with a flawless pendant, finished in either translucent argent or aurum nanocoating, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship and sophisticated design.