Design Deconstruct Presents a Luxury Lounge Space

India’s leading design and build company, Design Deconstruct presents a luxury family lounge space that is warm and welcoming and is well connected with the rest of the home.

Part of an open-plan dining space, the lounge overlooks a charming outdoor patio, extending conviviality. Filled with natural light, it is stylishly designed to create a luxurious environment for the family to lounge in and enjoy.

courtesy of Design Deconstruct

The tones of grey in the colour palette exude a chic vibe. The lavish leather loungers ensure great comfort. A two-toned accent lounge chair brings a sense of majesty to the setting. The adjoining wall is done up with interesting wall art, that adds a luxe appeal to the space. Two coffee tables, one of which is clad in leather, combined with the wooden TV unit, enhance the sophisticated earthy tone.

courtesy of Design Deconstruct

The stunning bunch of chandeliers, that divide the lounge from the dining, form a show-stopping feature, casting a beautiful golden glow all around. They accentuate the luxury quotient of the space befitting the aspirations of its inhabitants.