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iGuzzini Admin



iGuzzini is an international community at the service of architecture and light culture, for a better life.

Founded in 1959 in Recanati, Marche region, iGuzzini has established itself as the first company in the lighting sector, and one of the most important in Europe. The company headquarters, factory and logistics center extend over a 150,000 square meter area. It operates in the international market with 22 international operating offices, 78 international partners that offer technical support and sales assistance, and 1202 collaborators. Our working environments and methods are cosmopolitan. The Open Network favors the meeting of different languages and technical cultures, all joined by the language of light.

Since 1959 we have been committed to positive development of life and society through light. Innovative luminaires, energy savings, safety, added value for buildings, enhanced historical and cultural heritage, reduced light pollution: iGuzzini offers all of this to architects and designer for their lighting creations, blending with and suitable for different architectures. 

Production is split into indoor lighting and outdoor lighting luminaires. Since the early years, products were designed in collaboration with leading architects and designers, such as: Giò Ponti, Rodolfo Bonetto, Bruno Gecchelin, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Gae Aulenti, Piero Castiglioni, Jean Michel Wilmotte, to name just a few.

Since designing indoor lighting and outdoor lighting requires a knowledge of all aspects linked to the quality of the lighting environment, on these subjects iGuzzini also collaborated with researchers, doctors, sociologists, physicists, from major international research bodies such as: Harvard University (Cambridge), M.I.T. (Boston), “La Sapienza” University (Rome), Milan Polytechnic, Italy’s Preservation and Restoration Institute, Lighting Research Center (Troy, NY).

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