Name: Xinjiang Wind Architectural Design & Research Institute Admin
Date of Birth / Joined: 2017-10-27
Gender: male
Occupation: PR
Address Xinjiang, China

Xinjiang Wind Architectural Design & Research Institute Admin



Xinjang Wind Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd, founded in 2002 by Liu Xu(one of the 4th generation architect in China), is a national Grade A professional institution that engages in a wide range of public architecture design and relevant engineering consultancy business. 

Yudian follows the value of “cultivating quality awareness, building a corporate image, making quality products of the era, creating a model of the century”. It strictly adheres to its quality management system and forms a complete and efficient system for quality control, construction cost control and operation management in the whole process, ensuring that all work is done efficiently, in good quality and in an orderly manner and providing clients with safe, proper and effective design works.

Yudian has practical experience in designing landmark city complexes and large, high-rise projects which involves researches and practices on city design, landscape environment and historic heritage, with innovative concepts being its value orientation of times. It is dedicated to enhancing the confidence of investors and improving the value of its products. Yudian is committed to advanced design concepts, abundant design experience, outstanding design works, excellent design quality and construction cost control measures, and great design service. Yudian Design Institute devotes itself to creating new space, new environment and new ecology according to local conditions in the setting of desert, grassland and natural area.


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