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Since opening our doors in 1988, Woodbender has been committed to meeting the need for high quality, locally produced furniture offering durability, comfort and value for money. Today, 25 years on, Woodbender is still led by founders Charles and Shirley Mast. Together with their children, Emily and Andrew, they continue to lead a dedicated team of “woodbenders” who share their passion and commitment to offering exceptional products and service. Woodbender is the supplier of choice to restaurants, hotels, offices and homes throughout South Africa and beyond our borders.

Woodbender sources Ash hardwood from meticulously managed forests in North America. Here, hardwoods renew and replenish themselves naturally, providing a quintessentially sustainable material. The abundant supply of this natural resource and our unique production process provides Woodbender – and our customers – with an environmentally conscious choice.

Bending solid timber has a number of advantages over machine shaping the components into their required form. Bending minimises wood wastage and reduces the number of components that make up the final piece of furniture, thereby reducing the need for complex joinery. An uninterrupted wood grain is inherently strong and gives bentwood furniture its longevity. Individually handcrafted, every item in our range is a lasting piece of furniture that is as unique in character as the tree from which it originated.

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