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Willowlamp Designs Admin

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willowlamp is an innovative, award-winning South African lighting company whose products are anchored in one simple yet very ingenious idea: a patented method of attaching ball-chain to laser-cut steel frames. A tiny notch in the metal frame is the key to creating a fastener-free chain curtain system, which unleashes endless design possibilities. These range from very simple sleek lampshades that are relatively affordable to massive, highly complex sculptural art forms and custom chandeliers that are appropriate for huge projects at even the most extreme highend of the market.

Through creativity, we aspire to enrich people’s lives: those who live with our products and those who create them. Our designs fuse organic forms with high tech materials and processes to create a dramatic new genre of lighting. Our work is a symbolic merging of nature and technology. Though each component is industrially manufactured, every lamp is hand-assembled. Each fixture is the result of collaboration between the needs of the user, the creativity of the designer and the skills of the fabricator. Our responsibility is to harness creativity and transform it into high-quality, beautiful objects for everyday use.

Since our inception in 2005, we have won several prestigious awards and have been showcased on numerous design fairs and shows locally and abroad. willowlamp is distributed globally via our international trading partners and also directly to the consumer and the trade. Everything we make is painstakingly hand assembled in-house at our factory in Cape Town. All of our components are made from the highest quality materials available and we have scoured the earth to find the best lighting systems and technologies to integrate into our designs. To keep apace with global trends we are also currently in the process of adapting all our designs to more energy efficient alternatives and can already offer LED solutions to many of our lamp designs on request.

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