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Viefe Admin



Viefe® is something more than a company dedicated to the manufacture of knobs and handles. We are also a way of understanding decoration, the importance of detail and the difference that a complement can bring.

Behind each Viefe product there is a long process of creation. It all starts when the design team puts their idea across. It then takes shape in the hands of the production team. Everything is finalized when the knob or handle is fitted in its final surroundings.

Our designs adapt to the tastes and demands of the international public, which is why we have opened up markets in countries across the five continents.

We work on a daily basis to innovate and evolve the knobs and handles currently in the market place and to improve the finishing touches to furniture. We want manufacturers, interior designers and customers to be excited about their new furniture and with the added design and functionality that our handles bring to them. The attention to small details makes us happy!

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