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Valcucine Admin

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Profit has been the main objective of industries for many years. Important factors such as quality, safety and non-toxic products were of secondary importance thus neglecting respect for the environment and for Man.

All this has caused the destruction of resources, the pollution of the earth, water and air and the accumulation of a large debt with nature that will be inherited by our children.

On the threshold of the third millennium, practical and ethical reasons compel us to make a drastic change of direction that will allow us to transform the destructive economy of the industrial era into a system that is capable of restoring health to our planet and improving the quality of our life.
For years Valcucine’s working method has placed aesthetical and creative requrements and the satisfaction of the user’s requirements in terms of functionality, ergonomics and safety in the foreground. On the other hand, this has been balanced by respect for nature through the promotion of a system that combines the use and restoration of natural resources with savings on raw materials by means of design based on dematerialisation.

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