Name: Siller Treppen, Stairs Admin
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Address Johan Kravogl Str. 52, Merano, Italy

Siller Treppen, Stairs Admin

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Stair design with master touch! Stairs for your senses!

These are the slogans of Siller Stairs the stair design and stair manufacturing company based in Italy. Founded in the 1950´s the company can look back on 50years of experiance in the stair sector. In the year 2000 the current owner Christian Siller made a major decission for the company and decided to spread the business international. Since then Siller stairs has achhieved completed projects in USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Spain and obviously Italy.

The focus is on light designs with the materials glass, wood, concrete, steel and stainless steel. Christian Siller emphasisis that the stairs are high quality and manufactured 100% to the clients needs. Each stair is unique and gives the home a very special soul.

Glass stairs by Siller are state of the art. The mixture of modern glass stairs with the traditional material wood makes the designs to something special.

Stair design with master touch by Siller Stairs!Stair design with master touch by Siller Stairs!

Visit the web site and see yourself! Enjoy!

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