Name: Shenzhen Bernard Interior Design Admin
Date of Birth / Joined: 2017-12-12
Gender: male
Occupation: Interior Architect
Address Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Shenzhen Bernard Interior Design Admin

Interior Architect


Zhang Zhiwen
The founder and design director of Bernard Space Design
With ten years’ practicing experience, he has been dedicated in the planning and design of branded commercial space, based on which Zhang Zhiwen set up the team to complete the systematic design process involved with positioning analysis on projects and specific design presentation. Every project will be analyzed and considered from point of commercial behavior, pattern, function and creativity. brand image is built with the appeal of art which is based on the positioning of the brand itself. Being expert in identifying the trend but never follow it blindly, he always believes that only designs that follow hearts could lead the trend. Thus, Bernard attaches great importance to the originality for every project and requires the whole team to stick to innovation, crossover and even subversion, so that all works could be completed in a manner beyond expectations.

Work Experience:

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Shenzhen Bernard Space Design Interior Architect 0 0 Employee Yes