Name: RIGI Design Admin
Date of Birth / Joined: 2017-11-26
Gender: male
Occupation: PR
Address ROOM313-315.161, 996 LONG, HONGQIAO ROAD, Shanghai, China

RIGI Design Admin



 LIU Kai, Founder of RIGI Design, Founder and Creative Director of L-HOUSE,and MA student supervisor of Donghua University.

 As one of the most creative designers in China, LIU Kai's design concerns about the behaviors and experiences, which changes with the spirit of times, commercial trends and lifestyles; cares about the relationship between people and life. LIU Kai puts forward the design theory of product terminal creatively, and through thinking and understanding of the present changing times and life-style, he develops a unique design strategy and logic. In LIU Kai's design, heuses diversified design methods and forms his unique design style which was transformed completely into his works.

 The scales of LIU Kai's works vary from millimeter to kilometer, and the fields cover brand, space, vision, and product design. Many of his works have been widely published in internationally well-known design and life publications, and have also won many international awards such as IF, ICONIC,WIN,AD100,etc .

RIGI design, founded by LIU Kai, has completed many successful works in brand design, space design, visual design, and product design. It has become one of the most creative design teams in China

Better design, Better life, LIU Kai believes that definitive , clear and warm designs are the designs that belong to this era.

Work Experience:

Company Occupation From To Working as Currently work
RIGI Design PR 2007 Present Owner Yes