Name: Priyanka Arjun and Associates
Date of Birth / Joined: 1982-12-14
Gender: female
Occupation: Architect
Expertise Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design   
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Address 2nd Floor, Phoenix, Sukhadia Circle, Udaipur, Raj
Phone 9928820266

Priyanka Arjun and Associates



PAA’s core strength lies in taking up bold ideas and deriving spaces around them. We strongly believe in working out innovative solutions suited to individual projects. The work spectrum is diverse too,  ranging from huge eco-resorts to small terrariums. The PAA team is committed towards sustainable design and designing buildings with  minimal environmental footprint. We have always incorporated sustainable initiatives into our projects. This includes making vernacular  Stone-lime buildings, a tradition of Udaipur city. Currently we are working on IGBC and GRIHA rated Green Buildings and endeavor to  take up more challenging projects in future.



1.Woman of Substance Award, Times of India , 2015

2.Indian Concrete Institute Awards -  Dream Home Award, 2017 . 2018. 2019. 2020. FOUR TIMES IN A ROW.

3.ICI Awards - Outstanding Structure Award, 2017

4.ICI Awards - Outstanding Structure Award, 2020

5.National Business Leadership and Service Excellence Awards- Winner, 2020

6.Mentor at Acetech Exhibition, November 2017

7.Speaker at Zonal Meet for Indian Railway Training Center, Udaipur, August 2017

8.Ayaan Resorts, Finalist in WadeAsia, 2018

9.Jury member for ADC Awards, New York, 2019

10. Residence-87, Finalist in Wade Asia Awards, 2019

11. VILLAGE 2047, Finalist in IndiaNext Competition, 2019

12. SACRED SPACE, Top 50 in Archdais International Design Competition, 2020

13. Top 50, in Decowood Design Competition, 2020

14. Speaker for Smart City Meet-Up, Times of India , for the Year 2017

15. Women’s Day Felicitation GBH American Hospital, October 2016



1.Zucchini Restaurant, Udaipur in Interiors and Décor Magazine , May 2015

2.Zucchini Restaurant, Udaipur in Buildotech Magazine , June 2015

3.Zucchini Restaurant, Udaipur in Magazine by Council of Architecture , October 2015

4.Z Lounge in Architectural Space Magazine , February 2017

5.Zucchini Elements, Ahmedabad in Interiors and Décor Magazine , March 2017

6.Panel display/ The Barn at 9th All India Stone Architectural Awards (AISAA 2018).

7.Panel display/ Ayaan Resort shortlisted for WADe Asia Award Excellence; Hospitality Category, 2018

8.Residence 50, Interior Exterior Magazine, December 2019

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