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Pocket Doors
In the UK there is an increasingly stark requirement for high quality housing, however, as population densities increase and average property sizes decrease, the need to develop innovative ways of utilising the finite space available is facilitating the development of new products and solutions. 

The Portman pocket door system is ideal where design flexibility and space saving are of prime importance. Being able to slide a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom door within a wall and out of the way saves about 6% of the overall floor area or 10 sq ft per door. Designed and produced in the UK, the Portman pocket door system comprises the latest sliding door technology, quality robust components and an exceptionally easy installation.

With Portman, specifying pocket door options is easy. Any standard timber door blank or frameless glass panel can be used and there is no bottom rail mounted into the floor creating a dust trap or trip hazard. Door leaves are held in place to prevent wobble or sway. High quality rollers and bearing surfaces will provide years of maintenance free service and consistent high performance.

Typical Portman pocket door installations
• A single door leaf (e.g. a kitchens or bathrooms)
• Two doors converging/bi-parting (e.g. as lounge/dining room dividers). These can also be opened/closed simultaneously.
• Large leaves can be used as screens to separate bedroom & living areas and facilitate flexible/open plan schemes whilst allowing users to maintain privacy when needed.

Reducing Barriers
For most people, opening a manual door is a combination of gripping and depressing a lever handle, pulling/pushing whilst ‘side stepping’ the arc of the door and then moving forwards or backwards with the door. To carry out this exercise is much harder if the user has, for example, poor grip, reduced muscle power and balance. Getting close enough to, or reaching for, the handle can be difficult. Harder again, if one has to move ones body or mobility aid out of the path of the door as one is trying to open it, and indeed hold it open whilst trying to pass through. This is compounded, yet again if the hands are needed to hold a cane or crutches, move a wheelchair or frame. Other factors increasing the degree of difficulty include door closers, small lobbies, narrow corridors and small clear opening widths.

Little wonder that, to many people – a door is a significant barrier.
The Portman Pocket Door System reduces some of the typical swing door barriers presented to disabled people, thereby making buildings and dwellings more independently accessible or ‘inclusive’. These benefits are evident in several areas:

Clear opening widths
Portman door width options give access to the full range of wheelchair users as defined by the BS 8300. The ‘wide’ option is especially good for 90° turns for larger wheelchairs, assistant pushed and battery power chairs - important because a minimum statutory corridor width is 1200mm in buildings (900mm in dwellings) and a wheelchair/scooter can be 1520mm to 1600mm long. The ‘standard’ 626–926 width option can also be useful for ambulant disabled people with limited reach due to the comparatively small movement required to operate the door.

Sliding leaf
When opening/closing the door leaf slides into a pocket. It does not swing into the space adjacent to the door face, thereby allowing:

The user to remain stationary whilst opening the door, avoiding having to move him/herself and his/her mobility aid beyond the leading edge of a swinging door leaf.

Providing an alternative solution to the AD ‘M’ requirement for WC compartment doors, (and doors to wheelchair-accessible sanitary provision), to open outwards in an emergency. If a user collapses behind the door, it can simply be slid open.
Avoiding door projection into adjacent corridor circulation or escape routes.

User Operation
For manual opening/closing of the door Portman recommend leaving a portion of the door leaf proud of the pocket (in the fully open position) and the use of projecting handles. This arrangement has the dual benefits of the easily opened pocket door and easily operated door furniture, for e.g. those with dexterity problems. For guidance on laying out for this type of door-set please contact the sales office.


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