Name: Piuarch Admin
Date of Birth / Joined: 2017-08-28
Gender: male
Occupation: PR
Address Palermo, Sicilia, Italy

Piuarch Admin



Piuarch’s research has been concentrated on architectural quality, with particular regard to the use of natural materials, attention to detail, the use of natural light, the dialogue between architecture and its context, and the relationship between architecture and art. Piuarch has pursued these themes participating in competitions, developing projects from the planning to the final construction phase, elaborating interior design projects.

The studio is located in an open space in a former industrial building in Brera, in the centre of Milan. Over the years, Piuarch has grown to become a group of more than forty architects and engineers from various parts of the world, led by the four partners and by C. Castelli, M. Dragoni, D. Fascione, L. Lazzerotti A. Mahdjoubian, M. Mandelli, G. Mollo, M. Pallares, S. Seggio, J. Spagnolatti e E. Venturini. The encounter with Dolce&Gabbana marked the beginning of a collaboration that has been going on for ten years and that has resulted in the realization of more than forty boutiques all over the world, the Milan headquarters of Dolce&Gabbana, the Metropol theatre and the Factory in Incisa in Val d’Arno.

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