Name: Mulhern + Kulp Admin
Date of Birth / Joined: 2017-12-17
Gender: male
Occupation: PR
Address 20 South Maple Street, Suite 150, 19002, Ambler, Pennsylvania, United States

Mulhern + Kulp Admin

  AmblerPennsylvaniaUnited States


Mike Mulhern and Joe Kulp first met while working for the same engineering firm in the late 1990’s. Working together daily, it didn’t take long to realize they shared a common approach to solving problems. When conversations turned to the challenges of being family men with babies at home, it became apparent that Mike and Joe not only shared common engineering philosophies, but similar values too. A true friendship was born…one of mutual respect and like minds.

While eating lunch one fateful summer day in 2000, Mike revealed that he wanted to start his own firm someday. Joe enthusiastically responded, “Me too!” They both realized that by combining their efforts, their dreams could be realized quickly. Summer vacations were spent renovating their basements into office space, and Mulhern + Kulp officially opened for business in October of that same year. With no customers and newly remortgaged houses to cover start-up costs, they acted in faith and a strong belief in each other.

From the beginning they were confident that their philosophy of value engineering, builder-friendly designs, and good old-fashioned service would promote success. As the company grew, they understood that hiring good people and creating an exceptional workplace culture – one that was built on positivity and treating people right – would be key for continued growth.

Over the years, that philosophy has paid off and Mike and Joe’s relationship is stronger than ever.

Along the way, their strengths have continued to both complement each other and the needs of the company. Mike is a creative strategist who is the technical mentor and visionary of M&K University. Joe is an insightful organizer who is the administrative leader and developer of our project management and scheduling system. Both are involved in driving our vision to be industry leaders and advancement of our award-winning culture – all while leading the project management team and ensuring each employee is positioned for success.


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