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Address 36072 Chiampo (VI) ITALY - Via Marmi, 3 Italy

Margraf Admin

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The history of Margraf had its beginning in 1906 in the province of Vicenza (Italy), with the initial use of some quarries in Chiampo, to today become an international business that offers more of 200 types of marbles to the market. Skill, experience and technological innovation should be supported by a raw material of the highest quality. For this reason, Margraf directly owns marble quarries that supply a material of the most elevated standards such as Pietra Ducale, Lipica Unito and Fiorito, Botticino Classico, Semiclassico and Fiorito, Fior di Crema, Bianco Venezia, and it holds the exclusive quarries of Fior di Pesco Carnico, Grey Saint Laurent and Arancio di Selva.

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