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The apartment estate market which seemed not to be withered is cooling now.
As the imprudent house-poor, who borrows the money to buy a house even if the interest rate is low, disappears, the fever of becoming to farming for a moment with the longing for the life in country house is passing like a wind. And as changing the interest to the investment of the profitable real estate, the interest about a leasing profitable building of neighbourhood living facilities with integration of a habitation house is increasing.Increasingly, small buildings in the city will become a new type of architecture, which involve workplaces, living spaces, and practical daily lives in combination with a probability.

The culture of the apartment, which frames a lifestyle uniformly and constraints spaces into the boxes fragmentarily such simply as a room, living room, and kitchen, is eventually confronted with a limitation in the changeable modern situation. Now, in order to create an architecture as a Scenery where its own life pattern is drawn, architects are required to play a role of planning and consulting about an individual life.

The architectural structure, which draws a unique pattern having a private preference and respond to the evolving needs of the times, starts from the desire that bears the possibility of emerging diverse events and the potential of creating a new story constantly like a unrealistic fictional world. When the scenery that comes from the deep inside is realized as an independent stage in a space, this architecture will become the place where a flexible program is operating by itself.

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