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Langdon & Seah's history covers a period of more than half a century. In 1934, David Waters and Eric Watson - two British quantity surveyors - set up a small practice in then colonial Singapore under their names "Waters & Watson".

Two years later, the practice was bought over by Horace W Langdon & Every, a very large and successful quantity surveying firm in the UK. The origins of the firm date back to 1919, when Horace W Langdon set up in practice in Holborn, London. He was joined in 1921 by Tom Every, to form Langdon & Every. From these beginnings they expanded internationally, opening offices in South East Asia in 1936 and the Middle East in 1948. With the acquisition, the name "Waters & Watson" was changed to "Horace W Langdon & Every incorporating Waters & Watson".

The advent of war in Europe (1939) and South East Asia (1941) severely affected the quantity surveying profession. The office was kept open and manned by a skeleton staff headed by Seah Mong Hee until January 1942 when the Japanese occupied Singapore.

With the Japanese surrender in 1945, Eric Watson restarted the firm in early 1946. Encouraged by post war reconstruction work, branch offices were established in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong in 1947 and 1949 respectively.

Seah Mong Hee who became a Partner in 1949 was made Senior Partner in 1956 following the return of the then Senior Partner, F L Angell to the UK. In the same year, the name of the firm was changed to Langdon & Every (Far East). Subsequently, the words "Far East" were dropped to reflect the firm's expansion beyond the region.

In 1969, the practice changed its name to "Langdon Every & Seah". The firm continued its steady growth and offices were set up in Brunei (1965), Kota Kinabalu (1969), Jakarta (1972), Manila (1982), Kuching (1983), Bangkok (1984), Penang (1989), Johor Bahru (1990), Shanghai (1993), Beijing (1994), Guangzhou (1995), Vietnam (1995), Korea (2000), Shenzen (2001), India (2004), Macau and Chongqing (2005).

In 1984, Langdon Every & Seah and Beattie Prowse Pty Ltd formed partnership called Langdon Every Hunt & Beattie in Sydney.

Four years later, Langdon & Every in the UK and the Gulf amalgamated with Davis Belfield and Everest to become Davis Langdon & Everest. The origins of Davis Belfield and Everest date back to 1931 when Owen Davis, aged just 23, set up a practice not far from Holborn. John Belfield, a Cambridge graduate, who was also a quantity surveyor joined Owen Davis and the two formed the partnership, Davis & Belfield, in 1935.

Bobbie Everest - a descendent of George Everest, Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843 and the first man to measure the height of Mount Everest, which consequently bore his name - decided to become a quantity surveyor rather than an architect, due to his arithmetical speed and accuracy. A close working relationship developed between Davis, Belfield and Bobbie Everest and - somewhat delayed by the war years - they formed the partnership of Davis, Belfield & Everest in 1944.

The global partnership was strengthened through equity swaps. Langdon Every & Seah changed its name to "Davis Langdon & Seah".

Recognizing the advantage of a global partnership, Davis Langdon (operating in Europe, Middle East, the United States of America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand) and Davis Langdon & Seah, established Davis, Langdon & Seah International which enabled the independently operated practices to tap on each other resources and experience.

In 2010, Davis Langdon was acquired by Aecom and with the expiry of the Swiss Verein in June 2012 for the global collaboration under DLSI, Davis Langdon & Seah reverted to Langdon & Seah.

In April 2012, Langdon & Seah merged with Arcadis, an international consultancy, design, engineering and management services company.

Through a sharing of information technology systems and infrastructure, information management and intellectual database, our international coverage and resources enable us to reach out to service clients and fellow colleagues in the construction and property market that is becoming increasingly global, open and without bounds.


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