Name: Kun Qi
Date of Birth / Joined: 2021-09-06
Gender: male
Occupation: Designer
Expertise Desiger   
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Address Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Kun Qi



Kun completed his studies in furniture design at the NFU in Nanjing, 2012. Since graduating, he has collaborated extensively with international furniture brands, including those from Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the US. A designer who mainly engages with contemporary spatial and furniture design, Kun has a maker-mind mentality with deep insight into the manufacturing process. He strives to integrate his works with the procedures of industrial production to embody the latest available technology. Kun often upgrades and optimizes the current manufacturing processes in accordance with his designs and newly developed materials, in hopes that his products can maintain modernity and sophistication without compromising accessibility. His preference for designs with creative utility and emotional warmth can be seen through the details of his works.

The Chinese designer KUN, founder of KUNDESIGN, has rich experience in outdoor furniture design. He attempts to find the probable connections among nature, city lifestyle, product design, and proposes the design concept of "By Nature" — Inspired by nature, to do design naturally.

KUN fuses the environmental compatibility, material properties and application trends of the outdoor furniture through contemporary design thinking, making the outdoor furniture more expressive while retaining its essence and quality. His design language is more liberal and concise, which is full of vitality with a sense of fun.

In concept, KUN advocates to follow the natural environmental protection as far as possible, trying to replace traditional wood and natural vine with renewable and recyclable materials. He also pays attention to the leftover material recycling and redesign, and thus brings the special color scheme, durable material and decorative hand-woven features of the outdoor furniture into a wider design field.

KUN’s works includes outdoor furniture, flowerpot, planter, screen, accessory and lamp design etc., which increasing the frequency of contact with nature and outdoor activities in our urban life. He also participates in interior design and exhibition design to inject green and outdoor elements into the contemporary living environment through a more inclusive and diversified way.

Work Experience:

Company Occupation From To Working as Currently work
KUNDESIGN Owner 2012 Present Employee Yes