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There are very few certainties in the world. However, here are two that you may depend upon. In the future there will be more bicycles and more buildings made of cross-laminated timber.

There is no mystery. Bikes are at the front end of technology and design in the area of modern, evolved personal transport. Check the demand for a Brompton folder. Cross-laminated timber buildings, already familiar to architects and contractors in Austria and much of continental Europe, are now beyond take off and into an upward trajectory in the UK. This is due, in no small way to two pioneering buildings: Kingsdale School in London by de Rijke March Morgan Architects, and Stadthaus apartments also in London, by Waugh Thistleton Architects. Both use the KLH cross-laminated timber.

All facts, figures and environmental arguments not withstanding, a key reason why architects and their clients will turn increasingly to renewable cross-laminated timber solutions is the sheer design flexibility, adaptability and all round quality of modern wood.


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