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The large production and quality of the results achieved by Italiana Costruzioni SpA, founded thirty years ago by Dr. Claudio Navarra, shows a passion for construction that originates far back in time. The building activity of the family was initiated in 1880 by Luciano Navarra. Amongst his accomplished works of particular interest were a section of the Rome – Naples railway line, a bridge over the Vulture river, and sections of Via Aurelia, Via Boccea and Via Laurentina. His son Attilio continued and strengthened his endeavours, carrying out public contracts, such as the Palace of Justice in Latina, the Military Barracks of Bolzano, aqueducts and drains in various zones of Italy. The same Attilio started the real estate firm in the capital with valuable building complexes in Via Tagliamento, Via di Villa Emiliani, Via Porro, Via Pezzano and Via Caroncini.

This activity was further developed by his son Claudio, who in 1960 built, in association with his brothers Maurizio and Paolo, works of great merit and sensitive planning, that contribute to the architectural personality of modern Rome. With the creation of Italiana Construzioni SpA in 1975, together with an unswerving commitment in the real estate field, Claudio Navarra imparts a new drive in the public works sector. Over the years he has constructed important works for residential, university, hospital, prison and sports buildings with the application of ever more advanced techniques and with respect for the urban contextual reference. In the years following 1975 Italiana Costruzioni SpA expanded it’s interests, developing specific activities such as restructuring of public buildings for the readjustment to security norms and European standards. In this environment of constant development Italiana Costruzioni SpA has grown further in it’s operational fields. Apart from contracts and real estate operations of everincreasing importance, Italiana Costruzioni SpA has enlarged it’s interests in new activity. The construction of important edifices like the new Centre of Contemporary Art at Rome, the opening of a new operative seat in Milan, the initiation of work connected to the management and maintenance of buildings and the recent entry into the road infrastructure field (with the construction of the third lane of the Great Ring Road at Rome) are all evidence of the ever-growing commitment of Italiana Costruzioni SpA and it’s aptitude to undertake projects of ample breadth in the search for high-quality and an offering of the highest professionalism.

Today Attilio and Luca, Claudio’s sons, contiue the great entrepreneurial tradition of the Navarra family, they took the wealth of experience of thirty years presence in the construction field and, with the great dedication to the realization of high grade works (they have also now acquired the quality certificate UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 in 1999), give Italiana Costruzioni SpA a patrimony to guarantee it a privileged role and the prospect of a future in constant development.


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