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fluidconcepts is an innovative designer, marketer and manufacturer of contemporary and alternative office furnishings. fluidconcepts' headquarters and manufacturing is located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

The essence of fluidconcepts™ is providing unique, design-driven, contemporary furnishings for the workplace. Thoughtful experience and leading edge manufacturing techniques combine to form the springboard for our innovative product designs and comprehensive service. Integral to fluidconcepts' vision of providing world class service and support to end users, dealers and designers; fluidconcepts offers a uniquely high level of customization and design tailored to their customer's specific needs. We continuously strive to surpass client expectations from design, to installation, to post-occupancy evaluation.

fluidconcepts’ core target audience are architectural and interior design professionals, and end users seeking differentiated, intelligent workspace solutions at affordable prices.

fluidconcepts' products offer creative solutions while still addressing today's real workplace issues, such as technology accommodation and integration, installation simplicity, modular expansion and reconfiguration, and inventory management. Meeting and exceeding environmental standards is also core to our vision as exhibited in our material use, manufacturing processes, design and engineering practices.

fluidconcepts’ success comes from its’ ability to customize that gives designers, and end users tremendous flexibility when it comes to creating office spaces. Fluidconcepts has more than 2,500 installations through Canada and the U.S. that range from small to medium-sized businesses to major corporations, government and educational institutions. End customers include: H&R Block, HSBC Banking Branches, XM Satellite (Canadian Headquarters), UCLA, Motley Fool, Stantec Engineering, Anschutz Entertainment Group (Los Angeles) and the University of Toronto.

fluidconcepts has experienced rapid growth since inception and in June 2009 and June 2010 was awarded and consecutively ranked as one of Canada's fastest growing companies.

Byron Leclair had a vision to develop a company that was focused on providing unique, innovative and flexible products and services for workplaces. fluidconcepts was incepted in 2001 as a design and manufacturing company that utilizes highly customizable materials in order to offer the most flexibility to customers.

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