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Cold. Hard. Plain. Boring. So close and yet so far away. Those are the walls of our homes, offices and corridors…

Why won’t we touch a wall just like we touch a soft leather armchair, a plush pillow or even a solid wooden table? The truth is that the wall is not welcoming to the touch. It is what it is – a wall.

Fluffo changes everything. Fluffo is soft, velvety and warm. Oh, go on, cuddle up!

Fluffo panels come in the form of carefully designed, colourful shapes, which are always true – a square is a square, and a circle is a circle.

Each model is unique, they will always produce a magnificent design, and what’s most important – it will always be soft and cuddly to the touch.

Beautiful, colours are the trade mark of all Fluffo products. We spent a lot of time creating the new colour palette, making it our hallmark. At a first glance it is not obvious, it’s different than the colour sets you might be used to. It will win you over with its originality, striking melanges and fine nuances.

Colour pairing is our strong suit. Most of our colours can be mixed with one another, even the not so obvious combinations match. Secret lies in our formulas for the particular colours.

All Fluffo products have acoustic properties characterised by a high sound absorption coefficient. They work perfectly in spaces, which require the improvement of overall interior acoustics: there is a problem with an echo, reverberation or noise.

We focus on choice, variety and individual approach.

We are going against the trend of optimisation, because we want you to decide which product, shape and colour you fancy in your interior. We offer almost 6500 combinations of product shapes, thicknesses and colours. The possibilities are endless. However, should you not find your dream option among those we offer, we will produce it to your individual order.

We are flexible.

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