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Fabbian Illuminazione was established in 1961 as a lighting manufacturer for contract and residential purposes. The longstanding tradition and know-how made it possible to conceive lighting fixtures of high quality, both in terms of design and materials. The success path of the company allowed Fabbian to grow internationally and establish itself as a leading brand in the lighting industry. The company is based in Italy, where all collections are conceived, developed and manufactured. Through its branches in the United States, Asia and South America, the company reaches most markets thanks to a well established sales network.

The lighting solutions that are developed by Fabbian meet the new trends in the design industry as well as the practical needs of the customer. Thanks to the well-known designers who collaborate with the company, the various collections are conceived with great attention to details. Not only, does Fabbian provide fabulous design masterpieces but also technological solutions in terms of LED and energy saving, as well as light control systems. The same attention and care that the company devotes to the products is also dedicated to its customers who are assisted by a professional customer care department who can support them in the quotation and purchase process as well as in the development of customized projects.

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