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The history of FIMA (i.e. Italian acronym of Fabbrica Italiana Miscelatori Accessori) goes hand in hand with that of bathroom furniture and interior design and it is based on three specific values summarizing its design philosophy: #Green #Quality #Design. The Company - established in 1960 by Carlo Frattini – is dynamic, international and absolutely contemporary in nature which is expressed in innovative unique solutions in terms of design, quality and functionality, focusing on the environment and the environmental sustainability. On the basis of this approach, FIMA Carlo Frattini is progressing and it is always renewing, as proven by the very high level of the design and quality of the production, the continuing investments in research, the rapid national and international growth, the high professionalism of the corporate team.

An environmentally friendly company, powered by self-produced electricity and able to produce products safe for human health and the environment with a very low environmental impact.

In line with this philosophy, the new FIMA factory has been designed for a more efficient management of the different production stages with next-generation machinery and systems minimizing energy consumption. The new production building is also powered by the photovoltaic system installed in FIMA since 2011, and it is equipped with an innovative galvanic system with zero emission. It is using trivalent chrome, a non-carcinogenic material that does not produce pollution and significantly reduces the quantity of rejects, instead of hexavalent chrome (used today by 90% of the companies).

The focus on sustainability covers even the products as regards both materials used and components and packaging.

In all the built-in parts it is used the DZR brass that has a minimum content of lead by guaranteeing on the one hand higher quality in terms of long-term resistance to corrosion and on the other hand less release of lead into the water.

All the brass used belongs to the DWD list – Drinking Water Directive – that is the European legislation regulating the use of materials in contact with drinking water and ensuring low level of impurities and low lead content.

FIMA Carlo Frattini products are designed to guarantee the best experience and an efficient water use: every showerhead is equipped with a flow regulator of maximum 12 l/min as well as all our product series are designed with WSC cartridges (Water Saving Cartridge), that allow the reduction of water waste or ESC cartridges (Energy Saving Cartridge), that enable the reduction of energy consumption by avoiding the waste of hot water, thanks to the cold water opening in central position.

The packaging is a further evidence of FIMA concern for the environment: the boxes are made of 95% of recycled materials and they are even recyclable up to 100%, thanks to the use of natural uncoated paperboard and therefore not subject to chemical processes which sharply reduce their potential reuse.

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