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Date of Birth / Joined: 2017-10-11
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Occupation: PR
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DIA Holding Admin

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D?A Holding - in order to minimize or completely eliminate any damages to the employees, third parties, the company assets and the environment, which may arise during the general construction activities - acts in compliance with the international ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and the legal requirements of the country where the activities are carried out, according to the following principles; and - as the D?A top management – it accepts and undertakes to practice and ensure the practice of these principles, through the participation of all our personnel in our fields of activity, aiming for continuous improvement:
To identify the hazards and the environmental dimensions, related to Job Safety & Security and the Environment, of all activities that may be executed within the scope of the construction sector, and the control measures required to be taken , to define the significant environmental dimensions and prevent environmental pollution based on the results of the evaluations, to identify the tolerable risk levels and conclude the risk assessment activity. According to the result of this assessment, to take the required measures and ensure that such are taken, in order to fully prevent job accidents and professional diseases or minimize the probabilities of accidents, while fully complying with the requirements of the applicable Job Safety & Security and Environment the laws and legislations in the country of activity.

Comply with the Health, Safety and Environment demands by the employers and third parties,
To define measurable, annual Health, Safety and Environment objectives as far as possible, to share these objectives with all employees and realize these by encouraging total contribution.
To inform all employees, as D?A Holding, on the Health, Safety and Environment management system handbook and related documents, Practices, Objectives and Policy.
As the management, to review the activities and the policies with an awareness of continuous improvement, in order to achieve continuous improvement and the execution of the policy requirements and their revisions as required by the current conditions, within the scope of this policy.

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