Name: Continuation Studio Admin
Date of Birth / Joined: 2017-08-02
Gender: male
Occupation: Architect
Address Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Continuation Studio Admin



Since the start of my studentship in the School of Architecture at Southeast University in 2001, I have been engaged in architecture design for 17 years. While looking back at the time when I was still a toddler, stacking up toy bricks as various funny “houses”, the word “construction” has been with me for over 3 decades ever since. Regarding this very notion (instead of “architecture design”, I prefer to use the word “construct” to refer to my every day work),my fundamental understanding of it is to conscientiously build up our relations with the external space. 

My studio “Continuation” was founded two years ago, after my resignation from a large-scale domestic design company, with my intention to achieve my beliefs and values regarding architectures through practice. To construct, as for me, it is more of a way of thinking in order to comprehend the world, but conducted through operations with strong orientations. That being said, in the progress of construction, the involved architectural elements, such as spaces, interfaces, materials, structures, and even the nature, will transcend their physical attributes, and weave the contents in relation to humanity, that is the traditions, the presents, culture and subculture, into a massive and complex network, while in which, the forms, with their subtle appearance, are subordinate to all the formers.

Fan Jiujiang
Continuation Studio Founder / Lead Architect

Born in January, 1983.
2001-2006 Studied in the School of Architecture at Southeast University, graduated with bachelor degree in architecture.
2006-2010 Studied in the School of Architectural Art at China Academy of Art, under Professor Wang Shu, graduated as Master of Art.
2010-  Studied in the School of Architecture at Tongji University, under Professor Mo Tianwei.
Study aborted in 2012.
2011- 2015 Worked at GOA Ltd., China.
March 2015 Founded Continuation Studio.

Work Experience:

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Continuation Studio Architect 0 0 Employee Yes