Name: Co-Direction Interior Design Admin
Date of Birth / Joined: 2017-11-08
Gender: male
Occupation: PR
Address 28A,Jin HuiGe,Eastem Garden,OCT,Nan shan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Co-Direction Interior Design Admin



Jiang Xiao-Lin
Founder and Design Director of Co-Direction Interior Design
Jiang Xiao-Lin has great artistic accomplishment, and is good at turning his art appreciation experience into design motivation. He has years of experience in exploring interior design, and has been committed to combining traditional eastern aesthetic spirit with contemporary design techniques. He has led Co-Direction Interior Design developed diversified designs.

"Based on current situation, I want to design something new. We think that space scenario is something viable, we keep its vitality and make it conveys a temperament of cultural art, thus gain it new values." Co-Direction Interior Design emphasizes study, pays attention to design methods, thus accomplish practices in many design fields such as high-end property, boutique resort hotel, commercial space, top-level private house etc.. Co-Direction Interior Design insists in pursuing of innovation, doing designs with its heart and soul, and is immersed in R&D of products. It is an experienced design team with international vision and keen insight towards the frontier market. It is good at integrating all kinds of resources, and provides owners with complete and efficient interior design consulting service and FF&E solutions.

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