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Established in 2008, CAFAarchStudio10 is mainly responsible for the teaching of undergraduate graduation classes and graduate students. Prof. Fu Yi is the tutor and the teaching team includes Han Tao and Han Wenjiang, both of whom are associate professors. So far, there are 11 graduate students, 90 undergraduate students (among them 5 are overseas students) have graduated from CAFAarchStudio10. After graduation, 28 undergraduate students continue to study, among whom 20 students are studying abroad. 

The teaching team of CAFAarchStudio10 has been carrying out interior and architecture teaching experiment, based on their research about the potential development fields and basic problems in the interior design teaching. When it comes to the interpretations of "interior design", CAFAarchStudio10 emphasizes the space design, concerning about user’s feelings and experience of the "micro-building" design, and creating the overall building environment by more subtle spatial resolution. 

The teaching research focus of CAFAarchStudio10 is based on the approach of "urban and rural research-based building / interior space integration design", which is developing to "material and space integration atmosphere design", carrying out teaching exploration in space construction level.

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