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Baleri Italia was founded by Enrico Baleri and Marilisa Decimo in 1984. Their design philosophy led to the creation of a company that, since its inception, has been developing products with strong formal and functional content while maintaining a commitment to R&D. This has contributed to continuous technological experimentation, innovation in the use of materials and led to the discovery of emerging talents.

Alongside collaborations with established designers such as Alessandro Mendini, Angelo Mangiarotti and Denis Santachiara, Baleri Italia launched new talents like Philippe Starck, Hannes Wettstein and Luigi Baroli.

In 2004 Nino Cerruti became the majority shareholder with the aim of developing an industrial project that could also benefit from its long and successful experience in the textile and fashion industries. In a short time this process led to a complete acquisition of the company, the creation of a new management team, with a new artistic director and an updated internal team.

Over the years, formal and functional research continued to be the company’s primary activities as evidenced by the products that have been presented since 2005, introducing new talents such as: Jeff Miller, Arik Levy, Alberto Colzani and Xavier Lust.

In 2009 the company became Cerruti Baleri, a natural approach for affirming, also through the brand, the principles of continuity and evolution that have characterized the company since 2004 and that from this moment forward will become even more firmly rooted. In 2010 Cerruti Baleri, faithful to his editorial spirit, supported the collection with the editions line in which the products of Maurizio Galante, Ilse Crawford and Maison Martin Margiela all found their rightful place. The guiding principle leading to the choice of editions is to be found not only in the values of their authors, but also in the almost instinctual attraction towards the kind of creativity that always finds expression in the products themselves. The company's contribution is the addition of industrial know-how and curatorial sensitivity, to ensure that the products fully meet the criteria of functionality and reproducibility, as well as being stunningly beautiful.

In 2014 Hub Design came on board, gathering a group of different protagonists under a single roof, representing the best of Made in Italy design from a variety of eras. Hub Design is a cultural and industrial venture, a super expert, and a super fan, with the spirit of an authentic art dealer that recognizes and shares value.

History, people with their varied expertise, products and partnerships are what make Baleri Italia an authentic, young brand capable of proposing innovative and contemporary furnishings always on the cutting edge in terms of design, functionality and simplicity. Consistency, versatility and emphasis on the emotional aspect of furnishings are the key words for understanding the brand’s message.

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