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Creating a design studio within a company is an ambitious project. 21st decided to undertake this journey by creating the “Twentyfirst design Lab”, a factory of ideas applied to design and production in order to unite technical and functional needs with aesthetic appearances, by moulding and creating new design objects.

The aim of 21ST DESIGN LAB is to create and satisfy needs. Often creative projects are inhibited by the fact that designers cannot follow their projects right through to the end of the production process. Their job is limited to the invention phase, but their idea must be transferred and readapted to production requirements. 21st handles this issue by conceiving and creating objects that can be produced and reproduced in the best possible way. The project becomes an integral part of the production process that takes on the characteristics of a skilled craftsman. Constant research for results becomes a daily task. Innovative projects with unexpected linguistic qualities that generate objects destined to be around for a long time. 21st realises the importance of history and nurtures a modern outlook based on research, design and technology. With this in mind, 21st Design Lab is not just a straightforward laboratory, but rather a sailing boat upon which technicians and designers become sailors navigating in an open sea towards the unknown. Its aim is to connect emotional creativity with rational design, desire with satisfaction, fantasy with reality, beauty with functionality. In synthesis: the key word is explore.

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