Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum

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Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum By Kengo Kuma and Associates as Architects

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This is a plan to link two public buildings with a bridge-typed facility, which had been long separated by the road in between. The museum technically bridges communications in this area.

Location: 3799-3 Taro-gawa Yusuhara-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture
Client-Tomio Yano, Town Mayor of Yusuhara
Type of Project: new construction (extension from existing )
Principal Use- exhibition space
Design and Supervision- Kengo Kuma & Associates
Structure- Main structure/wood, partly steel frame, reinforced concrete, Pile or Foundation / Mat and direct foundation
Number of Stories- 1 underground, 2 stories above
Site area: 14,736.47sqm

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Project details
Location KochiJapan
Program Type Museum
Year Build completed in the year 2010
Involve Companies
Architects Kengo Kuma and Associates

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