West Gate 1 at Kandla Port

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West Gate 1 at Kandla Port By Studio 4000 as Architects

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The project formed a part of a larger proposal for designing different Entry Gates of Kandla Port, which located in west Gujarat. These are designated points at the port’s edge that regulate access and egress from its vast area. Functionally, they serve a twofold purpose. Firstly, they house the Port’s main traffic control offices, along with those for CISF and Custom’s department which scrutinize all goods entering or leaving the port. But equally, they are markers through which the port’s territory is designated and identified as one approaches its edge. In this, they perform a significant representative function as the…

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Project details
Location GujaratIndia
Program Type Port
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags Port
Involve Companies
Architects Studio 4000
Floor Tiles, Wall Cladding Restile
Lighting Fixtures Philips
Wall colours, Woodtech Aquadur PU Interior Matt (Wood Polish) Asian Paints
Flexible Cables, Switches Havells
glass Saint-Gobain
Pumaply Duro
Bathroom Tiles Nitco
Aluminium windows Jindal sections
Circular Hollow Section 150 ?, Tata Durashine rofing sheet, Railinga TATA Steel

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