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Weenapoint By MVRDV as Architects

1--weenapoint---station-(c)-mvrdv-1532423894.jpg Photographer: © MVRDV

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5---weenapoint---corner-(c)--mozses-1532423906.jpg Photographer: © Mozses

6---weenapoint---concept-(c)--mvrdv-1532423920.jpg Photographer: © MVRDV

7---weenapoint---plinth-(c)-mvrdv-1532423920.jpg Photographer: © MVRDV

In the coming years, Maarsen Groep will develop a mixed office, residential and commercial program as the third phase of the transformation of the former Weenapoint complex in Rotterdam Central District. MVRDV was selected as architects after a design competition for this inner-city development. The complex will consist of approximately 17,000 m2 of offices, a transparent commercial plinth and between 200 to 300 apartments. Completion is set for mid-2022.

Design:  MVRDV - Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries
Design Team: Jacob van Rijs, Frans de Witte, Fedor Bron with Mick van Gemert,…

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Project details
Location RotterdamZuid-HollandNetherlands
Program Type Office, Housing, Shop
Year Build completed in the year 2022
Involve Companies
Architects MVRDV
Consultants Arup

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