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Voyager – Commercial building By tHE gRID Architects as Architects

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The brief of the project was to make a statement as it was a linear plot and the front façade was narrow.  Geometry in concrete. The linearity of this commercial building in Ahmedabad was exaggerated and underscored by the interpolation of two concrete boxes into the primaryform. One of them, a projection, creates a vantage point in the internal programme, and externally, a double-height void underneath that accommodates a landscaped terrace for the adjacent built environment. A reflective false ceiling magnifies and multiplies the green effect and creates an interesting colour play when juxtaposed with the monolithic grey expanse.


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Project details
Location AhmedabadGujaratIndia
Program Type Exhibition Center, Shop, Office
Year Build completed in the year 2017
Involve Companies
Architects tHE gRID Architects
Manufacturers Ulltratech
Manufacturers Saint-Gobain
Manufacturers TATA Steel
Manufacturers Asian Paints

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