Visitors centre Duivenvoorde Castle

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Visitors centre Duivenvoorde Castle By 70F architecture as Architects

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Hof van Duivenvoorde is the visitors center that belongs to Duivenvoorde Castle and Estate, a national monument in the city of Voorschoten. The Duivenvoorde foundation was the comissioner and asked 70F architecture to create a building that would look like a barn but at the same time be transparent and have a welcoming atmosphere.

Architects: 70F architecture
Location:  Duivenvoorde Castle, The Netherlands

The solution, with its movable facade parts was a direct hit with the commissioner, but turned out to be difficult to execute. No hatch producer or hinge supplier was up for the challenge. Bas…

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Project details
Location Netherlands
Program Type Community Center, Culture Centre
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects 70F architecture

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