Villa in Vlastibořice

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Villa in Vlastibořice By SIAL architekti a inzenyri as Architects

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The beautiful site slopes to the southwest and is part of a slightly undulating landscape of the "Bohemian Paradise" territory.
The plot offers amazing views of the opposite side of the valley. Due to the fact that the plot is located outside the built-up area, it offered a unique opportunity to realize a solitary villa with an extraordinary interconnection between indoor and outdoor space.
The client's wish was to create simple, clean spaces with maximum use of natural materials.

The villa has two floors. In the upper floor there are designed guest rooms with separate…

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Project details
Location Vlastibo?iceLiberec RegionCzechia
Program Type Housing, Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags house, Villa, Family Residence
Involve Companies
Architects SIAL architekti a inzenyri
Photographers BoysPlayNice
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Windows Janosik Skywall & Noframe
Glass products Vetroporte
Joinery products Framoz
Joinery products Truhla?stvi Samsi?ak

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