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Villa Platan By ADEPT as Architects

villa-platan07_jakob-lerche-1508662120.jpg Photographer: Jakob Lerche

villa-platan06_jakob-lerche-1508662121.jpg Photographer: Jakob Lerche

villa-platan04_jakob-lerche-1508662132.jpg Photographer: Jakob Lerche

villa-platan08_jakob-lerche-1508662145.jpg Photographer: Jakob Lerche

1villa-platan02_adept-1508662153.jpg Photographer: ADEPT

villa-platan01_jakob-lerche-1508662153.jpg Photographer: Jakob Lerche

villa-platan03_jakob-lerche-1508662153.jpg Photographer: Jakob Lerche

villa-platan05_jakob-lerche-1508434116-1517378509.jpg Photographer:

Designed from four rectangular volumes, seamlessly merging, a private villa sit on the very edge between land and sea. ADEPT is behind the design that is carefully tailored to the unique location using nature’s own colors and soft transitions between interior spaces, as well as between inside and outside, that makes the daily changes of the sea an integrated part of the architecture’s DNA.  

The villa was completed for a private client with the opportunity to build at the edge of the sea. The client had a vision of a simple life in beautiful spaces making the fantastic view…

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Project details
Location AarhusMidtjyllandDenmark
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2015
Involve Companies
Architects ADEPT
Engineers MOE Consulting | Engineers
Photographers Jakob Lerche Photo Studio

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