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Villa BM – open the view towards the garden By CEADESIGN as Manufacturers

158488577828862.jpg Photographer: Patricia Goijens

158488578487170.jpg Photographer: Patricia Goijens

158488578451824.jpg Photographer: Patricia Goijens

The project concerns renovation of a 1950s villalocated in a suburban environment just outside Ghent, surrounded by a huge garden inhabited byhuge trees.

Objective: to make the interior spaces more airy andconnect them with the outside of the house, in linewith contemporary lifestyle.

The coal deposit is replaced by a light, pure and minimalist volume. Here there is a large kitchen with windows that allow natural light to enter and strengthen the relationship with the courtyard. While crossing the house, one has the impression that the recreated spaces have always been there, ever since their origins.

Architecture: A116…

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Project details
Location De PinteOost-VlaanderenBelgium
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2019
Involve Companies
Architects A116 architectuur & interieur

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