VOGUE FNO Showcase installation

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VOGUE FNO Showcase installation By SODA architects as Architects

00-vogue-fno_soda-architects-1519457718.jpg Photographer: JIANG Yuan

03-vogue-fno_soda-architects-1519457718.jpg Photographer: JIANG Yuan

06-vogue-fno_soda-architects-1519457719.jpg Photographer: JIANG Yuan

01-vogue-fno_soda-architects-1519457719.jpg Photographer: JIANG Yuan

08-vogue-fno_soda-architects-1519457720.jpg Photographer: JIANG Yuan

09-vogue-fno_soda-architects-1519457721.jpg Photographer: JIANG Yuan

05-vogue-fno_soda-architects-1519457721.jpg Photographer: JIANG Yuan

07-vogue-fno_soda-architects-1519457722.jpg Photographer: JIANG Yuan

02-vogue-fno_soda-architects-1519457730.gif Photographer:

11-vogue-fno_soda-architects-rainbow-1519457732.gif Photographer:

04-vogue-fno_soda-architects-1519457732.gif Photographer:

10-soda-architects-plan-1519457738.jpg Photographer:

In late 2017 and early 2018, with festival atmosphere, FNO (Fashion's Night Out) Art Showcase created by VOGUE China and SODA will present in Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen.

Architect: SODA architects
Lead Architects: JIANG Yuan, SONG Chen
Location: BeiJing, HangZhou, ChengDu, ShenZhen, China
Completion Year: Dec 2017
Gross Built Area: 50m2
Photo credits: JIANG Yuan
Construction: FELIZ

Art installations want to express a process of evolution from a showcase in a mall to a large-scale scene that presents the splendid and prosperous city.

The ribbons with the most basic…

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Project details
Location BeijingBeijingChina
Program Type Installation
Year Build completed in the year 2017
Involve Companies
Architects SODA architects

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