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University College North By ADEPT as Architects

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UCN Campus in Aalborg (DK) is a vision of an educational hub bringing together several specialized study programs under one roof. Faced with the demands for an alternative and sustainable learning environment, ADEPT and Friis&Moltke have worked closely with both staff and students to design a building that merges innovative spaces and new synergy. UCN Campus is education in three dimensions. 

The new building is now the natural meeting place on Campus and has quickly become the backbone of the building complex. Coming through the new main entrance it is obvious why, as your eyes start to explore the atrium…

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Project details
Location FrederiksbergHovedstadenDenmark
Program Type University
Year Build completed in the year 2015
Involve Companies
Architects ADEPT
Architects Friis & Moltke
Engineers Grontmij
Photographers Jakob Lerche Photo Studio

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