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Transsensorial Gateway at FuoriSalone 2021 By noa* network of architecture as Architects

163176237396029.jpg Photographer: © Alex Filz

163176237618079.jpg Photographer: © Alex Filz

163176237737859.jpg Photographer: © Alex Filz

163176238012453.jpg Photographer: © Alex Filz

163176238139183.jpg Photographer: © Alex Filz

163176238418837.jpg Photographer: © Alex Filz

163176238575043.jpg Photographer: © Alex Filz

163176238614081.jpg Photographer: © Alex Filz

163176238818816.jpg Photographer: © Alex Filz

163176238944973.jpg Photographer: © Alex Filz

163176239255902.jpg Photographer: © Alex Filz

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16317626657437.jpg Photographer:

163176266718381.jpg Photographer:

Architecture and people are closely intertwined and through the creation of a space, the connection between the individuals within a space is encouraged. This was the starting point for the installation designed by noa*. The concept proposes a kind of light and sound landscape, which welcomes visitors as they enter the exhibition.

On either side of the doorway, a crown of structural light-beams open up, each one at different heights, visually amplifying the sequence of the 17th-century portico that serves as the setting for the installation. The result is a sculptural work that combines various elements,…

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Project details
Location MilanoLombardiaItaly
Program Type Installation
Year Build completed in the year 2021
Tags Installation, FuoriSalone 2021
Involve Companies
Architects noa* network of architecture
Photographers Alex Filz photographer
Sound Design Ebner Film+Music
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Execution Light & technical planning ewo
Beam material suppliers mirrorINOX

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