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Townincarnation - Suncheon Art Center By TheeAe Architects as Architects

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International Competition for Architectural Ideas Suncheon Art Platform Design
Suncheon is a unique treasure in the southern part of Korea. The city of Suncheon has rich historical background and irreplaceably remarkable ecological value contribute to the identity of this city. Due to the excellent prerequisites of Suncheon, the tourism industry is under rapid development and the demand for facilities to support the emerging tourism is necessary. The Art Platform will not only allow the residents and tourists to have more acquaintance to Suncheon, but also give profound influence and improvement to the quality of living in it. The Suncheon…

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Project details
Location SuncheonCholla-namdoSouth Korea
Program Type Culture Centre, Gallery
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects TheeAe Architects

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