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The Norwegian Medicines Agency By Snøhetta as Architects

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2014171_os-1518418116.jpg Photographer: ©Tomasz Majewski

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In 2016, The Norwegian Medicines Agency (NOMA) moved into their new office space at Helsfyr in Oslo, Norway. As part of a complete rehabilitation of the building, Snøhetta and Tegn-3 completed an interior layout and furnishing plan for NOMA. Further, Snøhetta created two new staircases connecting the interior zones of the new office space. 

A main staircase and a secondary staircase are both developed based on integrated conceptual elements giving the staircases a unique identity. A DNA-spiral is the starting point and inspiration for the design. Through their designs, the two staircases make for good vertical communication between the different floors of the office space, creating…

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