The Museum at Wordsworth Grasmere

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Nissen Richards Studio creates gallery design for The Museum at Wordsworth Grasmere, along with project branding, wayfinding and graphic design By Nissen Richards Studio as Architects

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The Museum at Wordsworth Grasmere, the second phase of work at the former Lake District home of the great English Romantic poet William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy, is now complete and open to the public from 18 May 2021, with all gallery, exhibition design and interpretative overviews by Nissen Richards Studio and the building’s remodelling and extension by Purcell.

The first phase of re-design work by Nissen Richards Studio at Wordsworth Grasmere opened in summer 2020 and encompassed the conservation and reinterpretation of Dove Cottage itself, where William and Dorothy once lived, plus the…

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Location GrasmereEnglandUnited Kingdom
Program Type Museum, Exhibition, Gallery
Year Build completed in the year 2021
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