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The Klotski By Graham Baba Architects as Architects

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The Klotski is a three-story, mixed-use infill building situated in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Close to downtown, the area is noted for its dynamic mix of commercial, manufacturing, and residential uses. Reflecting the eclectic vibrancy and gritty nature of the neighborhood, the 10,041-square-foot CMU and steel-framed building houses a beer hall, an office, a maker space, a studio, and a small caretaker’s apartment.

Riffing on the idea of shifting uses and planes, the design takes its visual cue from a sliding tile puzzle, also known as a klotski, where the object is…

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Project details
Location SeattleWashingtonUnited States
Program Type Apartment, Private House
Year Build completed in the year
Tags house, Family Residence, Private House
Involve Companies
Architects Graham Baba Architects
General Contractor Dovetail

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