The Hand Fan House (Casa Leque)

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The Hand Fan House By MASARO as Architects

163111042742730.jpg Photographer: Render by MASARO

163117664075293.jpg Photographer: Drawing by MASARO

163117666268362.jpg Photographer: Drawing by MASARO

163117668539508.jpg Photographer: Drawing by MASARO

163117774015946.jpg Photographer: Render by PLUTARCH

163117781025474.jpg Photographer: Render by PLUTARCH

163117783397706.jpg Photographer: Render by PLUTARCH

163117793212610.jpg Photographer: Drawing by MASARO

163117795430777.jpg Photographer: Drawing by MASARO

163117797517942.jpg Photographer: Drawing by MASARO

163117829844903.jpg Photographer: Render by PLUTARCH

163117830073212.jpg Photographer: Render by PLUTARCH

163117830059780.jpg Photographer: Render by PLUTARCH

163117874640603.gif Photographer: Image by MASARO

The Hand Fan House is a work that opens.

It is an element that expands to the landscape, that progresses with the topography and that unfolds on solar orientation more favorable to the spaces and interior objectives. In addition, THE HAND FAN HOUSE does not reject the pre-existing trees, it dodges, so that both share the site and the House becomes part of it.  (graph taken from the Descriptive Memory of the Architecture Project)

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Project details
Location Viana do CasteloPortugal
Program Type Private House
Year Planned in the year 2021
Tags architecture, Wood cladding products, Concrete, Landscape, 3D Exterior Rendering,, Swimming Pool
Involve Companies
Architects MASARO

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