The Floating Parasol House

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The Floating Parasol House By LIJO.RENY.architects as Architects

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Set in a semi urbanised strip that border a busy road in the otherwise sleepy suburb of Tirur,‘The Floating Parasol House’ sits on a linear plot with its shorter side abutting the street. Built for a privacy conscious family, the house was tucked towards the rear to accommodate a garden in the front, enclosed by means of a secondary landscape wall, that shield the house from the cacophony of the vehicular traffic and the commotions on the street.

The house covers an area of 4600 Sqft and consists of three main blocks separated by…

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Project details
Location TirurKeralaIndia
Program Type Apartment, Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2015
Tags Family Residence, Private House, Apartment
Involve Companies
Architects LIJO.RENY.architects

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