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The Family House By Kevin Abanto as Architects

04_the-family-house_first-floor_scale-1in250-1520664695.png Photographer: Kevin Abanto

03_the-family-house_architectural-model_scale-1in50-1520664703.png Photographer: Kevin Abanto

06_the-family-house_section-c-c_scale-1in200-1520664710.png Photographer: Kevin Abanto

05_the-family-house_section-b-b_scale-1in200-1520664713.png Photographer: Kevin Abanto

02_the-family-house_three-sections_scale-1in50-1520664723.png Photographer: Kevin Abanto

07_the-family-house_detail_scale-1in50-1520664742.png Photographer: Kevin Abanto

01_the-family-house_detail_scale-1in50-1520664816.png Photographer: Kevin Abanto

08_the-family-house_detail_scale-1in50_-1520665167.png Photographer: Kevin Abanto

Author: Kevin Abanto

Institution: Universidad Ricardo Palma

Project Year: 2017 | Área: 630 m²

Location: San Miguel District |

Country: Peru 

A project with three free fronts, comprises a built area of ​​466m² divided into two levels. In the first level it is located the social area, the services and the private zone, separated by a courtyard that allows to illuminate the whole house. In the basement there is a living room, private living room, sewing workshop, sculpture workshop, studio and deposits.

The type of vegetation used are red climbers, the reason why this type of vegetation was used is…

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Project details
Location San MiguelLimaPeru
Program Type Housing
Year Conceptualization in the year
Involve Companies
Architects Kevin Abanto

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